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Jenkins, Sonarqube, Bitbucket, Terraform, Payara GlassFish, Apache, ITSM, JIRA

About the project

Our customer is a German multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. Our collaboration with the company involves working closely with a department that offers comprehensive support throughout the vehicle testing process, encompassing planning, preparation, implementation, feedback, and analysis.  

As the client‘s contract with its previous provider came to an end, the company sought a new partner with exceptional expertise and capabilities. Our team emerged as the top choice, thanks to our proven track record in delivering advanced technical solutions and our ability to efficiently address complex challenges.  


The project implemented by our team presented several significant challenges that demanded careful attention and expertise:  

Monitoring deficiencies: The project faced gaps in monitoring, which necessitated the implementation of more effective and comprehensive monitoring solutions to ensure optimal performance.  

Reoccurring issues: Persistent problems that emerged throughout the project required identification, diagnosis, and resolution to prevent further complications and maintain smooth operations.  

Managing a high volume of user tickets: The project involved addressing numerous user tickets within the agreed-upon Service Level Agreement (SLA), requiring efficient and timely resolution to ensure seamless user experience and satisfaction.  


The automotive manufacturer recognized that its internal resources were insufficient to address the specific challenges they faced. Consequently, they sought a partner who could enhance and complement their DevOps & Support department. This search led them to our team, whose expertise and capabilities aligned perfectly with the client’s requirements.  

Our support efforts were concentrated on the following key aspects:  

  • Resolving customer incidents within the agreed-upon Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Engaging in effective communication with both users and clients to ensure a smooth and efficient process 
  • Proactively suggesting new features and improvements to enhance the product and user experience  
  • Reporting and investigating bugs to identify and resolve issues in a timely manner 
  • Successfully migrating the Login & Authorization framework from SiteMinder to WEN for 15 applications in our subproduct
  • Coordinating the ordering and setup of new application and web servers   
  • Deploying and reconfiguring applications  
  • Switching URL and reverse proxies.  
  • Infrastructure management  
  • Conducting smoke tests to verify system functionality and ensure it meets quality standards.  
  • Providing timely and effective hot fixes to address critical issues and minimize downtime 
  • 2nd level support (including 24/7 On-Call Support)  

Technologies used

Toolchain: Jenkins, Sonarqube, Bitbucket, Terraform, Payara GlassFish, Apache, Nginx, ITSM, JIRA
Technologies: Oracle, Oracle PL/SQL, Unix  


Comprehensive Monitoring: We provide thorough monitoring for all services, including AWS CloudWatch monitoring specifically tailored for migrated AWS applications, ensuring optimal performance and security.  

Patch Perfection: Our team ensures 100% patch level compliance every month, implementing all mandatory security and functionality patches for Payara and Apache, keeping your applications up-to-date and secure.  

Proactive Issue Reporting: Our proactive approach results in reduced user tickets by proactively identifying and addressing recurring issues, saving time and effort for both our team and our customers.  

Customer and User Satisfaction: Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and performance results in high levels of customer and user satisfaction, ensuring a positive experience throughout the migration process and beyond. 

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