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Yii2, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

About the project

Agentur Konsens is a renowned company that operates in the medical field, providing a range of services and solutions to healthcare professionals.

There was a need for a reliable platform that could provide accreditation points for doctors in Germany. The existing platforms were not meeting the requirements, so the customer approached our team for a solution.

Therefore, based on the recommendations of their partners, Agentur Konsens found Ascendro the most suitable provider for implementing the digital solution.


In the collaborative effort with the design agency engaged by Agentur Konsens, our team seamlessly integrated into their workflow and adhered to their specific requirements. This involved effective communication and coordination to ensure a smooth alignment of design elements with the overall project goals.

Additionally, venturing into the medical field presented unique challenges for our team, as it required us to swiftly familiarize ourselves with the complexities of the industry, including compliance regulations, terminology, and specific requirements for accreditation points. However, our team rose to the occasion, leveraging our expertise in digital solutions and demonstrating a proactive approach to understanding the needs and expectations of the client.


The company couldn’t build a reliable platform in Yii2 technology with internal resources, so the solution was to look for a partner that can meet the project’s specific needs and complement their development department.

Even from the initial stage, they were impressed with our portfolio and ability to meet their specific requirements for the platform. Therefore, we took over a whole set of legacy projects that we were able to support – it involved a series of back-up solutions and administration to make the old infrastructure more stable.

The implementation of the Pneumo Akademie platform was a success. Our team was able to develop a reliable and user-friendly platform that met the specific requirements of the customer. The platform was integrated with the DocCheck platform to provide an even more comprehensive service to doctors.

The key variables that led to a strong collaboration/partnership with the customer include our team’s expertise in Yii2 technology and our ability to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Our team also provided excellent customer service and maintenance support (the tests needed to be updated regularly), which helped to build a strong relationship with the customer.

Building an information and training platform

Technologies used

Yii Framework and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for custom development


The implementation of the Pneumo Akademie platform made it possible to provide accreditation points to doctors in Germany, which is a requirement for maintaining their license. This solution helped to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


The project was a success and we had multiple years of maintenance and extensions for the platform, but also with the customer in general. However, the customer does not operate anymore, therefore there are no plans for future collaboration with the vendor.

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