NodeJS, ReactJS, Twig, Redux Toolkit, i18next

About the project

Wolf GmbH, based in Mainburg, Bavaria, is one of the leading and innovative suppliers of energy-saving systems for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and solar technology. As an indoor climate expert, WOLF offers the know-how, the necessary technologies and services so that people can optimally design their indoor climate.

Some of the company’s products include heat pumps, mechanical ventilation systems, oil heating systems, smart home solutions, etc.

There are several companies offering similar products (heating systems) that have already taken the first steps towards digitalized processes and solutions. For example, they invested in applications that allow their customers to check and manage the system’s health.  Therefore, to keep up with the competition, MyWolf needed to build an application that addressed more needs of the end user.  

What were the specific needs of the end user that the company wanted to cover? The possibility to be informed of any system malfunctions (unexpected behavior, offline status, warranty expired, system update, etc.) and check on the general health of the system.  


As the project involved different teams building different systems that needed to be integrated with each other, communication challenges within the team were inevitable. However, in response, we have taken proactive measures to improve collaboration, inquire about the status of components when needed, and enhance transparency. While these measures have been recently implemented, we are actively evaluating their impact on improving our workflow and their potential to contribute positively as the project is progressing. 


Due to limitations in internal resources, the company was unable to develop the MVP in time for the ISH fair. As a solution, the company sought a reliable technology partner to augment their development department. Consequently, they reached out to us to support their technical team.  

Developing and testing front-end features posed challenges due to the fact that a data source was not yet defined. However, we were able to overcome this limitation and ensure smooth progress in the development of the MVP by creating a mock API.  

Through this approach we were able to ensure that the application is thoroughly tested and validated, and any issues or defects are identified and addressed early in the development process, mitigating risks and ensuring a robust and reliable system. 

Throughout the course of the project, we have worked closely with our client to understand its unique needs and preferences. Our team has remained flexible and adaptable, approach that has allowed us to effectively respond to changes, tailor our solutions to fit the customer’s specific requirements, and ensure that the project progresses smoothly while meeting the client’s expectations. 

Launching an MVP for heating systems management for Wolf

Technologies used

Toolchain: GitHub, WSL2, Yarn, StoryBook
Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, Twig, MaterialUI, Redux Toolkit, i18next


Throughout the span of 120 working days, our team successfully delivered 85 Frontend User stories, despite encountering challenges that required adjustments, fixes, and integrations with the backend.  

Regardless of the tight deadline, we remained proactive in addressing issues as they arose, finding effective solutions that allowed us to meet the client’s goals – delivering a fully functional MVP in order to be showcased at the Fair. 


There is still a lot of improvement our team can bring both to the MVP and the entire development process (technology workflow). Our priority is the continuous development of the MVP and fine tuning the development process, while keeping a focus on transparent communication for a better collaboration.  


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