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Java, Angular 14, Oracle, ActiveMQ, Payara, Apache Jersey, jUnit

About the project

The client is a German multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. The department we are involved in provides optimal support for the testing process – from planning and preparation to implementation, feedback and analysis.

The client had a critical need to replace their outdated proving ground management system with a more robust, modern and user-friendly interface, high-performance tool.

The objective was to migrate all existing functionalities to the new system while adding new features, thereby elevating the capabilities of the system to a new level. The new system had to be built using the latest technology stack and optimized for performance, providing faster and more reliable processing of data.


The previous system was outdated, lacking in efficiency and user-centric features, which prompted the need for a new system that would address these limitations. The challenge at hand was to create a modern and user-friendly system while ensuring seamless integration with the existing infrastructure and minimal disruptions to the proving ground operations. The team focused on designing a solution that would optimize efficiency and cater to the needs of the users, while also prioritizing compatibility and interoperability with the existing systems.


Due to internal resource limitations, the company sought a strategic partnership with a technology expert to develop a robust Proving Ground Management System. This approach was driven by the need to leverage external expertise to overcome limitations and ensure the development of a cutting-edge system that would meet the company’s requirements for performance, reliability, and advanced functionalities.

Our development effort focused on:

  • Transitioning to Java JDK 11
  • Ensuring full functionality and backwards compatibility of the new system, as we were utilizing the same database
  • Designing and implementing REST APIs from the ground up
  • Establishing seamless communication between our registration system and the on-site management interface, which includes the Dispatcher system responsible for controlling vehicle-gates and traffic lights on tracks
  • Providing comprehensive second-level support, including 24/7 on-call assistance
  • Developing new features
  • Conducting thorough testing and debugging to ensure the quality of the application
  • Refactoring code to improve maintainability and reduce technical debt

Implementation Process

The goal of this partnership was to build a more robust and modern tool, from the look and feel to the technology stack and performance. Therefore, our team began by migrating the old project to Java 11, the latest and most secure version of the language. We then refactored the entire codebase, making it more modular, maintainable, and scalable.

Designing and implementing REST APIs from the ground up was the next step. This ensured that the system could communicate with other systems seamlessly and handle multiple requests at once. They also established seamless communication between the company’s registration system and the on-site management interface. This included the Dispatcher system responsible for controlling vehicle gates and traffic lights on tracks. This integration made it possible for the company to manage all aspects of the proving ground, from bookings to traffic control, in one place.

Additionally, our team offered comprehensive second-level support, including round-the-clock on-call assistance, to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operations of the system at all times.

Technologies used

Toolchain: Jenkins, Sonarqube, Bitbucket, Terraform
Technologies: Java, Angular 14, Oracle, Apache Torque ORM, ActiveMQ, Payara, Apache Jersey, Apache2 Web Server, jUnit, REST


The P.G.M.S – Proving Ground Management System has successfully completed the go-live phase at one test location, yielding outstanding results. The new system has been lauded for its enhanced usability, improved efficiency, and reduced downtime. Users have reported that the system is intuitive and has significantly streamlined their job functions.

Through this partnership, our client has been able to effectively manage their proving ground operations, optimizing efficiency and user-friendliness. The diligent efforts and dedication of our team have enabled the company to meet the needs of their clients, maintain competitiveness, and achieve success in the industry.


Currently, our team is working on building the infrastructure for other test sites, and the implementation process is progressing smoothly. Once the complete replacement of the old system is accomplished, the proving ground will operate with a modern, efficient system that caters to the requirements of its users.

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