Modernizing Medicine




Node.js, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Balsamiq, Jenkins

About the project

Modernizing Medicine is a software company that places doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform. Services include electronic health records (EHR), practice management, inventory management, revenue cycle management, analytics, etc. 

Prior to the adoption of ModMed, the client relied on a Drupal-based inventory management system that posed several limitations, including poor scalability and performance issues. 

The system lacked crucial features such as automated inventory tracking and reporting, which hampered efficient inventory management. Additionally, integrating the inventory management system with other systems proved challenging, resulting in data inconsistencies and errors. 

Given the company’s commitment to obtaining best value for their investment, they sought a reliable and flexible partner outside the United States.


The project had high demands in terms of technical expertise, fast delivery, and adaptability to support the client’s rapid growth. 

However, the fact that we had an in-house solid team that compiled all the technical skills needed, so we were able to assign highly specialized talent for all specific requests (system architecture, programming, server administration, quality assurance). Assigning specialized teams on specific fields gave us the chance to follow multiple work streams in parallel and achieve more for the customer’s product in a shorter time. 


The client sought a strategic technology partnership to augment their internal development capacity and accelerate their business objectives, therefore we were chosen as their technology partner. 

To support the client in achieving their goals, we established a functional team that provided end-to-end services in a fast and adaptable manner. 

The strong collaboration between the client and our team was the result of several key variables. 

Firstly, our team’s technical expertise and experience in developing inventory management systems were instrumental in delivering a top-notch solution that aligned with the client’s requirements. 

Secondly, our team’s effective communication and seamless coordination with the client’s project team ensured that the project was executed with precision, meeting all milestones and budgetary constraints. 

Lastly, our unwavering commitment to providing ongoing support and maintenance services fostered a strong and lasting relationship between the client and our team, enhancing the overall success of the project. 

Technologies used

Yii Framework and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for custom development
Node.js for building functionality that requires to run in real time 
Balsamiq for wireframes within the product discovery phase
Graphic design, User Experience and User Interface creation for the best look and feel
HTML, CSS, jQuery and Responsive design for graphic design integrations
Selenium IDE for browser automated testing
Redmine as a project management and communication tool
Jenkins for continuous integration and automated deployments


The implementation of ModMed provided the client with several key business benefits.  

  • The new inventory management system was more scalable and flexible, which allowed the client to manage their inventory more efficiently as their business grew.
  • The automation of inventory tracking and reporting also helped to improve the accuracy and reliability of inventory data, reducing errors and minimizing the risk of stockouts. This resulted in cost savings for the client, as they were able to optimize their inventory levels and reduce waste. 
  • Additionally, the new system was more integrated with other systems, further improving the quality of service. 


Our partnership with Aesyntix (now Modernizing Medicine) started in 2011 and ended in mid 2014, when the company was successfully sold to a larger company in the Health Industry. However, we continued to cooperate with the new company owner and at present we are still providing full technology resources for their product. 

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