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Node.js, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Balsamiq, Jenkins

About the project

Modernizing Medicine is a software company that focuses on providing an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform to streamline healthcare processes. Their services include electronic health records (EHR), practice management, inventory management, revenue cycle management, analytics, and more. 

Modernizing Medicine was seeking to implement a Points System that would allow their customers to earn and redeem points based on their purchases. Having Ascendro, as an ongoing talent and development provider, they were aware of our capabilities and asked us to develop a scalable and flexible Points System that would complement their existing services and elevate customer experience and satisfaction. 


The project demanded to adapt to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry. Additionally, the Points System had to be seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing services and software solutions, ensuring a smooth user experience. 


Our team, having extensive experience in developing Points Systems, collaborated with Modernizing Medicine to develop a custom solution that would meet their specific needs.  

We were tasked with the development of features such as awarding points based on purchase value, allowing point payments, as well as integrating the system with existing functionalities (settings, reports, transactions, balance, etc.)  

Modernizing Medicine_MMIM Points

Several key factors contributed to the successful collaboration between our team and Modernizing Medicine:  

Proficiency in Points Systems – Our team’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in developing and implementing Points Systems ensured that we were able to deliver a tailored solution that met Modernizing Medicine’s specific needs. This expertise allowed us to navigate through potential challenges and devise an effective strategy for designing a robust and user-friendly system.  

Meticulous attention to detail – By focusing on the subtle aspects of the project, our team was able to identify potential issues and address them proactively. This attention to detail ensured that the final product was not only functional but also optimized for performance and user experience. It also allowed us to deliver a Points System that seamlessly integrated with Modernizing Medicine’s existing services and software solutions, enhancing the overall customer experience.   

Taking ownership of the work – Our team’s strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards the project played a crucial role in the successful collaboration with Modernizing Medicine. By taking ownership of the work done, we were able to ensure that every aspect of the project was executed to the highest standards. This dedication to excellence fostered a sense of trust between our team and Modernizing Medicine, which contributed significantly to this project’s success and the ongoing partnership between both parties.  

Technologies used

Yii Framework and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for custom development
Node.js for real-time functionality implementation 
Balsamiq for wireframes within the product discovery phase
Graphic design, User Experience and User Interface creation for the best look and feel
HTML, CSS, jQuery and Responsive design for graphic design integrations
Selenium IDE for browser automated testing
Redmine as a project management and communication tool
Jenkins for continuous integration and automated deployments


The successful implementation of the Points System provided several key benefits for Modernizing Medicine. The system improved customer engagement by incentivizing repeat purchases and offering rewards for loyalty. Additionally, the seamless integration with the company’s existing services and software solutions enhanced the overall user experience.  

Moreover, the efficient and scalable Points System allowed Modernizing Medicine to manage customer rewards effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.  


Our partnership with Modernizing Medicine continued as our team was summoned to implement another system using Qlik.Our ongoing collaboration reflects the trust and commitment between our team and Modernizing Medicine, ensuring continued success and growth for both parties. 

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