Based on a Bitkom e.V. study of 2021, about 96,000 IT-Resources are not filled in Germany. This is an increase of 12% within a years’ time. The negative trend will only get worse with additional missing resources from Russia and Ukraine.

The development in the IT-Resource market is counterproductive to the entire digitalization effort underway, which needs more IT-Resources for migrating legacy systems and developing entirely new applications. If this would not be enough, specifically development firms see impacts, as now everyone is targeting the existing resources pool, turning IT-Employees into freelancers. Hence, it is not anymore the loyalty or the excitement about the project, rather who pays more. Now there are potentially multiple options out of the given limitations. One of which is using smarter and intelligent ways of advancing development needs in using Low-Coding Platforms. The truth ultimately is, users do not care if you developed the entire stack or just clicked it together. Users want their solution to work, look good, be safe, fast, having an exceptional experience, and ultimately being guaranteed a fast turn-around. With our partner INTREXX, a German Low-Code veteran, we are excited to tap into this space and being able to offer Low-Code development for application development or fast prototyping where more clarity needs to be established first.

Providing quick turnarounds, good quality applications and an openness to extend the solution by the business team themselves. Using this path will result in a continued tracking towards the set goals and sustain the digitalization roadmap ahead.