Today we would like to welcome Elmar Barzen as a new addition to Ascendro Pro GmbH. Elmar joins Ascendro with a 30+ year history of software license sales and building sales organizations.

Elmar will lead the topics of business process digitization using the proven low-code platform Intrexx and blockchain consulting & development, and will join Ascendro Pro GmbH as the new Managing Director and Shareholder.

On his long journey, he had already worked with some well-known and interesting companies and left his positive mark there. After studying computer science, he learned the IT sales trade at Hewlett-Packard. His further stations were the early growth years of the leading database provider Informix, which ended in a worldwide distribution contract with Siemens-Nixdorf and a move to Siemens as a senior executive. There he built the worldwide software partner program for the SNI Unix platform.

Since 2001, Elmar successfully introduced software vendors to the German market in several management positions. Since 2006, Elmar has also offered his experience as a consultant for business development, leadership and sales organizations.

Elmar’s love for sales drives him to design optimal solutions for the customer, which are characterized precisely by the benefits and added value. As a balance, Elmar has been flying hang gliders for over 30 years and more recently electric motor gliders. Looking for and mastering new challenges is his favorite drive.

We are looking forward to an intensive and certainly successful cooperation.