What is transparency and can you be transparent with your customers?

Today I am clear about the answers, but just two years ago my mindset was more like, “You can lead the horse to water, but you don’t have to teach him to drink.” With that mindset, I had to learn a hard lesson that changed my approach.

Intransparency always leads to mistrust, uncertainty, lack of agreement and disconnection. The client creates their own truth about what is what. As soon as the project is delayed for any reason, you are pulled into a defensive position. Getting out of this position is nearly impossible, as distrust will now be a second listener in every conversation. Instead, be transparent, open and vulnerable from the start. This will create an environment of trust and collaboration where you and your customer are aligned and can support each other. Also, this serves as a wall of protection against people trying to take advantage of you, since you now have an ally. It will protect your client from acting and reacting in the spirit of the project, and provide you with time and resources if you ever get stuck or need help.

So don’t be afraid to show all your unattractive sides, because they will definitely come out as every project hits a red spot.