Every year, Clutch, a leading B2B marketplace for service providers, recognizes and honors outstanding global B2B service providers. Receiving both the Clutch Global and Clutch Champion awards in 2023 adds further prestige to our array of accolades. For now, we will delve into the recognition we received last year, which positioned us among the top B2B Companies in the Application Management & Support field.

We stood out among our peers through a rigorous selection process by Clutch, where our industry expertise, excellence in service delivery and positive client feedback were considered. Our clients’ reviews contributed massively to our recognition in the B2B services industry and we are grateful for every project that we were entrusted with.

What does this mean for our clients?

Well, Clutch evaluates companies based on a few dimensions:

  • How good are we at delivering our services on time?
  • How accurate are the cost estimates for a project?
  • What’s the client’s satisfaction regarding the finished product?
  • How willing are clients to recommend us to someone else?

How do we manage to hold these high standards?

  1. Our consistent record of delivering projects within specified timelines reflects our commitment to honoring deadlines. This reliability ensures that clients can count on us for timely solutions, reducing uncertainties and ensuring project milestones are met as promised.
  2. Our precise project cost estimation underscores our commitment to transparency and honesty. Clients appreciate our accurate budget projections, as it helps in effective financial planning and minimizes unexpected costs, fostering a trusting and professional relationship.
  3. The satisfaction of our clients with the completed projects  showcases our dedication to quality and excellence. Meeting or exceeding client expectations contributes to long-term partnerships and positive feedback, indicating that our services align with their needs and aspirations.
  4. Clients’ willingness to recommend Ascendro to others is a strong indicator of their confidence in our services. Recommendations highlight their trust in our expertise, quality, and reliability, affirming that our solutions bring tangible value.

All our Clutch awards make us extremely proud of our accomplishments and we want to pursue higher goals each year. We thank you, our clients, for solidifying our position as a top service provider in software development and application management areas.

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