Support & Operations

Support & Operations for a suite of applications used by BMW car dealers 

Picture this: a global automotive leader, known for pushing boundaries, dealing with the intricate task of managing software operations for a suite of applications tailored to car dealers. These applications spanned car statistics, owner details, and post-sales records.

The challenges? With shared technologies and databases, the complexity of migrating data across these applications posed a significant challenge. The need for rapid responses and proactive issue resolution only added to the complexity. 

Support & Operations for applications tailored to BMW employees 

The second project centered on BMW’s internal operations, streamlining management, booking, and testing of pre-production cars. It facilitated documentation of machine problems, notification of production errors to production employees, and monitoring of car functionalities. A monitoring system was created for car functionalities, backed by 150 easybox terminals across continents and timezones. Ascendro managed 200,000 cars and served 96,000 users worldwide. 

Entering the Collaboration 

Ascendro entered this partnership with a comprehensive approach to address the company’s operational challenges. The team’s strategy? Enhanced communication, optimized response times, and a proactive stance.   


Throughout our collaboration, we actively provided a range of essential services, each one tailored to address the changing needs of BMW. This encompassed guaranteeing the continuous availability of mission-critical systems, incident management, IT asset management, change management or disaster recovery. 

What did the customer value the most?  

24/7 On-Call Support: Understanding the client’s global presence and the critical nature of their automotive industry, we provided them with tailored 24/7 on-call support. This service spanned not only the European market but also extended seamlessly to the demanding US market.

When dealing with intricate challenges in managing software operations for car dealers, including the migration of data across interconnected applications, the need for rapid responses and proactive issue resolution was paramount. This 24/7 intervention ensured uninterrupted operations, with a remarkable service time for night problems.

Proactive Approach: Ascendro’s operations team displayed a remarkable proactive approach. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, they regularly conducted system overviews, spotting vulnerabilities, and proactively taking measures to ensure smooth operations.

Ascendro’s problem-solving prowess even extended to business logic problems through reverse engineering.

Preventing Future Problems: Within just four months of collaboration, Ascendro’s team began to anticipate issues before they escalated. Their system of staying ahead of updates and preemptively resolving issues proved invaluable.

Smooth Communication: Effective communication emerged as a cornerstone of collaboration. Ascendro’s prompt and clear communication with customers’ team, along with its own internal collaboration, facilitated swift solutions.

Flexibility and Swift Response: The Ascendro team demonstrated flexibility by bypassing conventional steps to provide faster solutions for urgent problems. This flexibility aligned seamlessly with the clients’ protocols, leading to rapid code changes and deployments, especially during emergencies.

United and Collaborative Team: Ascendro’s operations team, comprising 2nd and 3rd level specialists, operated as a tightly knit unit. This unity streamlined their efforts, resulting in enhanced client satisfaction.

Trust and Relationship Building: Through their diligent efforts and ability to solve problems, Ascendro’s team earned the trust of the client. This trust cascaded into strengthened relationships and an overall positive atmosphere of collaboration.

Technical details

WSR Migration from XEN to VMware
Migration of NAS Shares to NFS 4 
Critical Patch Update for Apache 2.4 
Database Migration 
Infrastructure Decommissioning 
GlassFish4 to GlassFish5 
Openshift Upgrade and Apigee Integration 
Login and authorization in house framework  
Oracle database  
QlikView Server

The impact

The partnership was more than just technical support; it was about building trust, forging relationships, and fostering an environment of growth and innovation. Ascendro’s unique perspective brought about results that extend far beyond the technical realm, leaving a positive impact that resonates throughout the entire collaboration. 

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