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AWS, Jenkins, Payara, Docker, SonarQube, NodeJS, Java

About the project

For this project, we focused on upgrading technology stacks, enhancing performance, and implementing a microservices architecture to ensure seamless operations during the migration. With a diverse team of over 10 internal and external partners, effective collaboration and coordination were paramount to project success.


Transitioning from a legacy Web Master Solution to a modern stack, ensuring uninterrupted business functionality, and managing a large team of stakeholders posed considerable challenges. We had to coordinate over 10 teams and external partners, with the focus on aligning all the mutual objectives, which required meticulous planning and execution.


We tackled these challenges head-on by implementing a comprehensive modernization strategy, leveraging cloud infrastructure, and transitioning from a monolith to a microservices architecture that enhanced agility and maintainability. Our role encompassed development, coordination, and operations, ensuring a smooth transition to AWS while maintaining operational stability. Modern software components were delivered across the platform, utilizing the latest Java and Nodejs technologies.

We also served as the central point of contact and project management hub, fostering collaboration between all stakeholders.

Technologies used

AWS, Java Enterprise, GlassFish/Payara
Jenkins, Docker, SonarQube
AWS, Terraform
HiveMQ, Nodejs, Java


The successful migration to AWS resulted in significant performance and scalability enhancements. Transitioning to a microservices architecture improved agility and maintainability, ensuring uninterrupted business functionality throughout the migration and effective collaboration with stakeholders facilitated project success, cementing the manufacturer’s position as a leader in innovation and collaboration.

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