Prometheus, Grafana, AWS EC2 Austocaling, Git

About the project

The monolithic application was restructured into a high-availability applicationBy leveraging AWS EC2 Autoscaling, the application can now dynamically adjust its capacity and performance to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. This feature automatically increases or decreases the number of EC2 instances according to the demand, enhancing the application’s scalability and reliability. 


The project did not pose any significant challenges that we weren’t aware of. We opted to use our internal migration framework to ensure a smooth migration process to the new HA architecture, with reduced risks and minimal disruption. 


We implemented GitOps, which utilizes Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. This integration allows for improved version control, easier audits and streamlined rollback processes, thereby enhancing the overall agility and maintainability of the deployment workflows. 

By restructuring the application into the new HA architecture, it can continue to operate effectively even if one or more components fail, ensuring continuous service and minimal downtime for users. 

Through the integration of Prometheus and Grafana, system health, performance and reliability can be proactively monitored, by analyzing app metrics collected in real-time. By addressing the issues properly, system resilience is improved and downtime is reduced. 

Grafana, a leading interactive visualization web application, provides detailed insights into the application’s operational metrics, which leads to an easier understanding of complex data sets. This enables the team to make informed decisions quickly. 

Technologies used

AWS EC2 Autoscaling


These enhancements in operation and monitoring significantly increase the application’s reliability and performance, providing the team with the tools needed to manage a high-availability application effectively. This robust monitoring setup ensures that the application maintains high performance standards and meets user expectations consistently. 

Grafana and Prometheus offer a comprehensive view of the app’s operational status. This combined solution supports detailed analytics on system performance, user activities, and resource utilization, which is critical for maintaining optimal operation. The integration of Prometheus with Grafana also enhances the alerting mechanisms, allowing for more sophisticated and responsive alerting based on customizable thresholds. 


Overall, the project not only modernized an outdated system but also enhanced its scalability, reliability, and maintainability, positioning the application well for future growth and changes. This transformation aligns with modern best practices in software development and infrastructure management, offering a robust solution that meets current and future demands. 

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