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AWS, Microservices architecture, Refactoring and Containerization tools, Monitoring tools

About the project

The projects’ framework addressed key areas like the initial assessment & planning, the migration strategy, the technology selection, the transformation roadmap and, ultimately, risk management and mitigation strategies.

The framework wasn’t limited to just the Carsharing platform. Its modular design and documented best practices allow for adaptation and application to various legacy projects.


The challenges that our team faced revolved around the framework previously mentioned. More specifically, we had to define a detailed analysis of the existing platform, including application inventory, dependencies and infrastructure needs. Then, we needed to establish a phased approach for transitioning components to the cloud and microservices architecture, minimizing disruption and ensuring business continuity. Ultimately, we defined detailed steps for application refactoring, containerization, deployment and monitoring and we identified potential risk mitigation strategies.


Our team developed a comprehensive migration framework, addressing key areas such as assessment, migration strategy, technology selection, transformation roadmap, and risk management. This adaptable and repeatable framework enabled a structured approach to migration, minimizing risk and accelerating time to value.

Technologies used

AWS Cloud
Microservices architecture
Refactoring & Containerization 
Monitoring tools


We managed to achieve significant performance gains and scalability, enhancing agility and maintainability with a modular microservices architecture. Business continuity was ensured throughout the migration process, empowering teams to work collaboratively and deliver value faster. The platform was future-proofed for ongoing innovation and adaptation, establishing a repeatable success framework for future legacy projects.

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