Introducing Candidate Database: Elevating Talent Acquisition and Quality Assurance

Candidate Database is our central hub for tracking, managing, and nurturing potential candidates

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Introducing CV Generator: Your Bridge to Talent without Compromising Professional Etiquette

We launched CV Generator, a solution that allows us to present the qualifications, experiences, and skills of our team…

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Introducing PM Autotools: Elevating Our Internal Processes

We developed PM Autotools, an essential solution for internal task management and processing

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Revolutionizing Efficiency and Transparency: The Impact of Our Internal Tools

Delving into the significance of our internal tools—powerful solutions meticulously crafted to simplify management…

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The Manifest Crowns Ascendro Technologies as one of the Most Reviewed Staff Augmentation Companies in Romania

Ascendro Technologies, one of the Most Reviewed Staff Augmentation Companies in Romania.

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Blockchain as a catalyst

The technology behind the Blockchain.

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Estimation methods for agile development

Understanding the required skill configuration.

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Could Low-Code be a solution to reduce the pressure on IT-Resources?

Taping into the new space of Low-Code development.

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New Senior-Management addition

Elmar Barzen, a new addition to Ascendro Pro GmbH.

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Transparent with the customer?

What is transparency? Can you be transparent with your customers?

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