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Node.js, Fastify, Java, SpringBoot, PostgreSQL, React, Typescript

About the project

Wolf GmbH is a German company renowned for its expertise in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and renewable energy solutions. With a legacy dating back to 1963, the company has become a key player in the field, offering a comprehensive range of products such as boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, and advanced building management technologies. Wolf GmbH is widely recognized for its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices, making it a leading choice for innovative HVAC solutions on both a national and global scale. 

Their problem was the need to develop a cutting-edge, user-centred web-based configurator for dimensioning ventilation systems. Their vision was to set a new industry standard while reaching a wide range of user groups, including installers, planners, wholesalers, and their internal sales departments. This configurator had to seamlessly integrate into their existing systems and be adaptable to meet country and brand specific requirements. Their goal was to simplify and enhance the dimensioning process, ensuring reliability and ease of use. By utilizing new technologies, leveraging their employee expertise, and focusing on user needs, they aimed to establish a significant competitive advantage in the field of domestic ventilation systems. 

They came to us because they recognized our proficiency and commitment to staying competitive in a dynamic digital environment. They entrusted our team as their partner to execute this strategic initiative. We look forward to collaborating closely with them, elevating their digital infrastructure, refining workflows, and embracing innovation to help them achieve greater agility and efficiency in this project. 


In this project, we achieved significant milestones by successfully developing and maintaining three key microservices. These microservices played pivotal roles in transforming the dimensioning ventilation system configurator: 

    • User Interface (UI): We designed and implemented an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the interaction for installers, planners, wholesalers, and internal sales departments. This UI streamlines the entire dimensioning process, enhancing usability and accessibility. 
    • Calculation Service: Our dedicated calculation service was engineered to handle all complex calculations required for dimensioning ventilation systems. It ensures accurate and reliable results, guaranteeing the configurator’s effectiveness in meeting user needs. 
    • Flow Management Service: To ensure a smooth and seamless user experience, we introduced a flow management service. This service orchestrates the configuration process for domestic ventilation systems, guiding users through the steps with efficiency and precision. 

Technologies used

Node.js, Fastify
Java, SpringBoot
Flowable, PostgreSQL
React, Typescript
Azure DevOps Services, Argo CD
Kubernetes, Kibana, Open Policy Agent


Despite the inherent challenges of integrating these microservices into the existing system, our team successfully delivered on these crucial components. Together, they contribute to a cutting-edge configurator that simplifies dimensioning while maintaining the reliability and ease of use envisioned in the project. This achievement marks a significant step toward establishing a competitive advantage in the domestic ventilation system industry. 


This project exemplifies our unwavering dedication to delivering client-centric solutions and our proficiency in tackling intricate challenges. It stands as the cornerstone of our technical ecosystem, upon which future endeavours in both backend and frontend development will be constructed. The microservices we’ve developed not only enhance the configurator but also provide valuable insights and technical direction to our expanding technical department. As a result, this project not only meets our immediate goals but also positions us for continued innovation and excellence in the field of domestic ventilation systems. 

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