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Monitoring tools, automation frameworks, patch management solutions, proxy solutions

About the project

The Automotive Security project, known as ASBC SMACC, represents the commitment of a German car manufacturing company to ensuring the utmost security and functionality within its vehicles. Particularly, ASBC SMACC’s cryptographic features play a crucial role in enabling smart device-based vehicle access, offering advanced security measures and seamless user experiences.


The project faced challenges in ensuring robust monitoring, streamlining deployment processes, implementing proactive patch management, facilitating seamless application migration, and optimizing traffic routing in the cloud environment.


To overcome these challenges, we developed a comprehensive monitoring system, we automated the deployment processes, we implemented a proactive patch management strategy and we migrated the applications to a centralized identity provider. Finally, we designed and deployed a reverse proxy solution.

Technologies used

Monitoring tools
Automation frameworks
Patch management solutions
Proxy solutions


The implementation of ASBC SMACC resulted in enhanced visibility into system health and performance metrics, reduced deployment time and errors, timely application of security patches, seamless integration and authentication services across cloud platforms, and optimized traffic routing and improved application performance.

The successful completion of the ASBC SMACC project demonstrates our clients’ commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction. Moving forward, we continue to stand by them in the continuous approach of leveraging the latest technologies to set new standards in automotive security and functionality, driving the industry forward into a safer and more connected future.

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