NodeJS, ReactJS, Twig, Redux Toolkit, NextJS

About the project

Wolf GmbH, based in Mainburg, Bavaria, is one of the leading and innovative suppliers of energy-saving systems for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and solar technology. As an indoor climate expert, WOLF offers the know-how, the necessary technologies and services so that people can optimally design their indoor climate.

Some of the company’s products include heat pumps, mechanical ventilation systems, oil heating systems, smart home solutions, etc.

Wolf’s main problem was the need to modernize and optimize their web presence. They required a fresh, fast, and SEO-friendly website that would be the first point of contact for potential customers. This included the development of new features and pages, along with maintaining alignment with the latest technologies. In addition, they also needed to create a Media and Download Center, a significant component of the website.

Therefore, they needed a technology partner that is not just a problem solver, but a long-term partner with a vision that could improve upon the existing platform.


Throughout the development and continual improvement of the product, we encountered a number of challenges. From navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of modern technologies to initiating necessary yet tough decisions, we faced a variety of obstacles, but always emerged with solutions that led to positive outcomes.

A key challenge we encountered was fluctuating team dynamics. We faced instances where team members, despite their potential, were unable to contribute to the progress we had anticipated. This led to situations where a lean team had to manage a larger workload. The added pressure and the need to fill gaps left by departing members were significant, but we remained committed to delivering excellence and high-quality solutions for our clients and continued to adapt and learn.

We addressed this problem by making workflow optimization a priority. Recognizing the direct correlation between workforce size and workload, we found a balanced approach that maintains project momentum while avoiding undue strain on our team. This involved a more streamlined distribution of tasks and efficient use of resources.


As the primary contributors to Wolf’s website team, we have crafted the digital front door that potential customers and leads encounter when they first engage with Wolf online. Our work catered to the broadest audience among, ensuring optimal performance across a multitude of platforms. This includes refining responsiveness, enhancing load times, and aligning with key marketing pointers. In essence, we were not only the technical architects, but also the curators of the brand’s first impression.

We leveraged our extensive expertise in web development to create a Media and Download Center, a dynamic platform designed to serve as the primary point of interaction for potential customers and leads. We capitalized on our deep understanding of user behavior and digital trends to design an interface that excels not only in aesthetics but also in operational efficiency and cross-platform responsiveness.

In conjunction with these front-facing enhancements, we also invested significant effort into optimizing the backend. Utilizing a robust toolchain featuring along with technologies such as NodeJS, ReactJS and NextJs, we ensured the smooth operation and seamless integration of the new features with Wolf’s existing software solutions.

Technologies used

Toolchain: GitHub, WSL2, Yarn, StoryBook
Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, Twig, Redux Toolkit, NextJs


Despite the challenges, we successfully delivered 85 Frontend User stories within 60 working days, with some still requiring adjustments and backend integrations.

Our ultimate goal was to create a Download Center, usable across the website and not limited to the Media Center Pages, which we largely achieved.


Overall, we are proud to say that we have gotten through the challenges, delivering not just quality code but significantly enhancing the preexisting code base as well. The statistics of our work demonstrate the substantial performance improvement we’ve achieved for the platform, and we’re excited about the ongoing enhancements we are still implementing.

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