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AngularJS, Hibernate, IBM MQ, Java, JSON, PostgreSQL, Quartz Framework

Über das Projekt

The customer has a global IT department that supports the company’s operations and technology needs. The department is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the company’s IT systems and infrastructure, as well as providing support to users throughout the organization.

Our client needed to create a whole ecosystem + an application to be able to improve the assignment of service partners for each car and to add new features to the applications for attracting customers from business.

In order to enhance the assignment of service partners for each vehicle and augment the customer experience, the automotive manufacturer embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive ecosystem and application. This initiative aimed to incorporate new features into the application to attract business customers, thereby bolstering the company’s overall offering.


Die Gewährleistung der Skalierbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit der Anwendung war eine der größten Herausforderungen, insbesondere während des Migrationsprozesses in die Cloud-Umgebung.


In order to augment their internal development capabilities for building new microservices in the frontend and back-end applications, the company’s IT department sought external partnership. As a result, they approached our team to provide the necessary expertise and support.

Our development effort focused on:

    • Implementing new features based on the business requirements
    • Refactoring and maintaining the already existing code to assure the reliability of the system
    • Implementing the microservices to assure the scalability of the system
    • Data model improvements
    • Integration with internal clients that send requests to the system
    • Migration to the AWS

Our team successfully developed from scratch new microservices for the backend system, encompassing a scalable database, modern operational technologies, and automation. Additionally, we implemented a new microservice that handles database requests asynchronously, allowing for configurable adjustments to the number of threads and requests processed

Verwendete Technologien

AngularJS, Apache2 Webserver
Hibernate, IBM MQ, Java
jUnit, Payara, PostgreSQL
Quartz-Framework, REST
Websocket, XML


We successfully completed the delivery of 1000 User Stories within a timeframe of 1095 working days.

We focused on setting up the new microservices and assuring the reliability, which included more than 6 microservices for back-end and 1 microservice for front-end.

Based on specific needs and requirements, the client could scale up the application and increase the performance when a high number of requests are processed.

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