At Ascendro, we are committed to continuously improving our internal operations to better serve our clients and enhance the overall efficiency of our software development services. We are excited to introduce “PM Autotools,” one of our proprietary internal software solutions that plays a pivotal role in streamlining our data aggregation and processing tasks.

What is PM Autotools?

PM Autotools is a server-side Node.js job scheduler meticulously designed to automate and optimize various data-related functions within our organization. While it isn’t a product intended for external use, it significantly impacts our ability to deliver high-quality software development services to our clients.

Key Functions of PM Autotools:

Data Aggregation: PM Autotools efficiently collects and imports time logs from sources like Jira and Azure DevOps. This data consolidation is a critical step in our project management process.

Data Processing: Beyond aggregation, PM Autotools intelligently assigns time logs to user stories and specific types, ensuring accurate project organization.

Base for Further Processing: The aggregated data serves as a foundational element for downstream activities, such as billing generation and reporting.

Contractual Compliance: PM Autotools monitors and validates compliance with specific contractual constraints, including timeframes for logging hours and prerequisites for log entries. Any deviations trigger immediate notifications for correction.

Why PM Autotools Matters:

Internal Efficiency: PM Autotools enhances our internal efficiency by automating data-related tasks, freeing up our teams to focus on more strategic activities.

Data Accuracy: It ensures data accuracy and consistency, reducing the likelihood of manual errors or discrepancies.

Compliance Assurance: PM Autotools helps us maintain adherence to contractual terms and notifies us promptly of any non-compliance issues.

While PM Autotools is an integral part of our internal operations, we want our clients and partners to know that our commitment to excellence extends beyond coding and development. It encompasses every aspect of our processes, including robust data management facilitated by tools like PM Autotools.

Stay tuned for more insights into how Ascendro’s internal tools drive innovation, efficiency, and transparency within our organization.